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How to get there

By Plane

Those who come to Mexico usually come by plane which is much more comfortable that to use the highway system that connects the country with the United States , Belize and Guatemala . The most important international airport in Mexico is the "Benito Juarez" located 13 km away from the capital. Over 20 million passengers arrive yearly to this airport and either stay in the city or have a connecting flight to the main tourist destinations. Other international airports include Merida and Cancun that are very convenient for those who travel to Yucatan and the Mayan Riviera. Also Acapulco and Guadalajara service international destinations. Many European airports offer direct flights to Mexican destinations among which the most important are Frankfurt and Madrid . Other departing cities are Paris , London , Milan Amsterdam and Rome . The largest national airline is Aero Mexico.

How to get around

Airplane and Train

Flying is the fastest way to travel inside the country, but, due to high fares, it is not the most convenient for those who travel on a small budget. However, sometimes the airplane is the only alternative to cover the longest distances. Transportation by train possible but not recommended because it is a slow and oftentimes uncomfortable alternative. The Mexican railway network is over 25 000 km long.

Bus and Car

The bus is the most used transportation mean in Mexico and the network that connects the many Mexican cities is relatively well developed. From the capital to the largest tourist attractions and largest cities there are coaches of several types. We recommend taking the most expensive ones that are also the most comfortable and for which it is necessary to have a reservation. For those who prefer a vacation "on the road" it is possible to rent a car. We remind you, however, that the Mexican streets are not in perfect conditions, and that there are few service points. Furthermore, in Mexico City only a fraction of all vehicles can circulate on a certain day as a measurement for smug control (they use an alternate license plate system).

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