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Sometimes this is the main motivation for those who select Mexico as their holiday destination. Some other times, they are visited by tourists that would like to relax after the stress of an archaeological tour. In any event, the Mexican sea is among the most desirables in the world. Most visitors are concentrated along the Mayan Riviera, the eastern coastline, and in the Yucatan Peninsula . However, there are fantastic destinations on the Pacific coast that are quickly emerging. Still not very frequented but undoubtedly fascinating is the littoral of Baja California .

Tramonto a Puerto Vallarta
Mayan Riviera

The number one destination is the lively Playa del Carmen, located in the small state of Quintana Roo. This place constitutes the ideal starting point for fascinating excursions of the region. From here, it is easy to arrive to the Mayan Sites as well as to the Isla de Cozumel, located right in front of the Playa del Carmen. Another popular destination, Puerto Morelos located north of the Playa del Carmen, constitutes the official starting point of the Mayan Riviera. For those who look for a relaxing and calm destination can reach by ferry the Isla Mujeres, a national preserve, and the Isla Contoy, great for bird watching.


In the central area of the country, ocean lovers find the broad Bahia de Banderas, from which we would like to point out Puerto Vallarta , a location that enjoys from a great touristy infrastructure. This is an ideal place for those who enjoy water sports, but also for those who are looking for a relaxing trip. Puerto Vallarta is also a great starting point to the discovery of the little fishermen villages and the wonders of the surrounding forests. Another top class destination is the famous Acapulco , located south of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Guerrero. Here, the golden beaches are abundant and the options for entertainment are even more. For those who prefer a quieter place, we recommend Ixtapa (to the north), which represents a more recent, yet well developed, Mexican coastal destination.

Cabo San Lucas - Baja California
Baja California

Those who reach this region, which is the prolongation of the American state, usually come to do water sports or to discover the wonders that the fauna of this region has to offer. A great destination for scuba diving lovers, the waters of the Costa de Guerrero Negro are seasonally frequented by whales. Also, for those who like to go fishing will find out that this region is a perfect destination. For those who simply looking for a great place to bathe and get tanned, we recommend the cities of La Paz , San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, all located at the tip of the peninsula.

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