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The Mexican cuisine is delicious and has a defined personality. It comes from the combination of the American-Indian and the Spanish tradition. The Mexican recipes revolve around some basic elements of the local foods that are the corn and the rice,
usually accompanied by meat and chilli. Among the famous dishes we find the enchiladas and the tacos, made with baked or fried tortillas, and mole, a small taco seasoned with a spicy sauce. For those who stay by the coast the choice of fish and seafood is very large and is usually seasoned with hot peppers and cumin. The Mexican liqueurs can be ordered around the world, but here in Mexico they conserve an authentic flavour. The tequila is usually enjoyed with salt and lemon, while the Pulque is taken straight up.

The Mexican nights are happy and lively. They are so fascinating tourists are convinced to party with music and tequila until dawn. The main tourist destinations are able to satisfy the needs of relaxation and entertainment of all guests. From the crowded bars to the large night clubs, the options for entertainment are full of things not to be missed. The clubs and bars by the coast are particularly thrilling. It suffices to think about the streets of Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta on the western coast and Cancun and Playa del Carmen in the east. In Mexico it is very common to hear the Mariachi music not only at bars and clubs, but also at the corners of all streets where it not uncommon to see people dancing and enjoying a Margarita or a Tequila "bum-bum". Those who look for a quiet night could instead enjoy a folkloric show, perhaps on board of a boat that, especially at the Mayan Riviera, offer beautiful night sails throughout the coast.


The Mexican calendar is so full of events that it confirms the saying that "In Mexico, every day is a party day!" In Mexico , religious and national holidays are celebrated with passion. The most famous celebration is El Dia de los Muertos (The day of the Deaths) when the people share sweets and flower arrangements with their friends and families that passed away. Very typical to the event are candies in the shape of a skull or a skeleton. Another famous holiday is the one dedicated to the Patron of Mexico: La Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. In this day there are processions in all cites in the country. Out of the national holidays, we would like to point out the most famous: the Feast of "El Grito" (Independence Day) that lasts two days and involves the entire nation. In the month of March, the Mexicans dedicate a holiday to Benito Juarez, former president and national hero.

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