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Barranca del Cobre
A unique experience, particularly recommended for those who love outdoor activities: Whoever chooses to take the railway to cross the Barranca el Cobre will never be disappointed. The train departs from Chihuahua , Pancho Villa's city, and descends for about twelve hours to Los Mochis , a city by the Mar de Cortes. The trip takes you through an incredibly deep canyon (in Spanish: Barranca) that belongs to the Sierra Tarahumara, a place very rich in vegetation and fauna. Those who would like to explore this area more in depth could choose to take the train for a while, and then stop for a bit of trekking.
Vista sul Canyon
Frida Kahlo

t is a necessary stop for art lovers, but could represent a nice visit, even for those who are not art connoisseurs. The Frida Kahlo Museum is located in the quarter of the artists in Mexico City : Coyoacan. The exhibition is located in the house of the tormented Mexican painter, the "Casa Azul" and is composed not only by the work of Frida but also by pieces that belong to other artists. We would also like to point out the Anahuacalli: a studio and a museum built in Aztec Style that contains a vast collection of Pre-Columbian art, donated to the state by Diego Rivera, Frida's lover.

Museums and Murals
Palacio de las Bellas Artes

he Museum of Anthropology of Mexico City is a small sample of all the things that can be visited at the archaeological sites and it is the most important museum of the country. Its large rooms house many Pre-Columbian works of art. In the capital, there is also a large sample of the huge murals by the most famous artists of this art expression. Along the staircase of the Palacio Nacional it is worth appreciating the work of the legendary master Diego Rivera, whose work can also be visited inside the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Another important artist of this expression is Jose Clemente Orozco, from which we would like to mention the splendid murals of the Hospicio Cabanas de Guadalajara.

The “Cenotes”

Unusual sweet water wells, the "Cenotes" are naturel cavities of blue water and represent one of the many Mexican naturel attractions. The Mayans had already discovered them and used them as sources of fresh water and as places where to celebrate their human sacrifices. For Mexicans and foreigners, the discovery of these sites composed by tunnels and caves is one of the most fascinating excursions. There are, however, only a few Cenotes that can be visited, mostly in Yucatan . We would like to inform you that it is always necessary to be led by a site guide.

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