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Parks and Preserves
The journey through the Mexican wilderness is fascinating and full of unique landscapes and rich fauna. The 60 national parks and the numerous animal species that find in Mexican waters their habitat speak for themselves. An ecological vacation in Mexico can include spectacular naturel preserves, unforgettable sea parks and deep and beautiful canyons and splendid waterfalls.
Il Parco Marino di Xel-Ha

naturel Preserves

The third largest Mexican preserve is called Sian Khan (Mayan for "Beginning of Heaven"). It is located in the state of Quintana Roo and features extensive wetlands where over three hundred bird species live among Mayan ruins. On the other hand, the symbol of the Reserva de Rio Lagartos in Yucatan is the rose flamingo that has chosen this lake as its habitat and can be found by the hundreds in this area. There are other water birds and endangered species that live in these wetlands.


Sea Parks

For those who enjoy snorkelling, Mexico is a country that offers many destinations to discover beautiful coral reefs. Among the recommended destinations, we would like to mention the Parque Marino de Xel-Ha in Yucatan , where many fish species can be appreciated. Another worthy destination is the Parque naturel de Xcaret, where you could swim in the sacred waters of the Mayan Empire accompanied by the dolphins that live in the park.

Le cascate di Agua Azul

Cañon Sumidero and Agua Azul

These locations are generally included in organized tours, and everybody seems to agree that it is a fantastic destination. The Sumidero Canyon has a total length of over 30 km and unravels to a depth of one thousand metres. The Cascades of Agua Azul are real water columns immersed in the vegetation.

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