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Chichen Itzà

It is the most famous Mayan city and the best kept and most frequented archaeological site in Mexico . Chichen Itza represents the most important attraction of almost every organized your of the country. The city is located about 200 km away from Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula , from which it is easily accessible by coach. The breath-taking Pyramid of Kukulkan, also known as the "Castle" is about 25 metres high. Ideal representation of the Mayan calendar, the stairs of the pyramid are always crowded with tourists to whom we recommend to climb and descend carefully. A few metres away from the Castle lies the Temple of the Warriors that oversees the statue of Chac Mool, and to the side the " forest of Columns ." The visit should not end before stopping at the "Caracol" (Snail) -an astronomic observatory in the shape of a snail, and before dedicating some time to the Juego de la Pelota (ball game), the well-kept court that witnessed the best meets of this legendary pre-Columbian game. Worthwhile of visiting near Chichen Itza we recommend the site of Ekbalam (to the north east) and Eszna where a large network of wells and channels from ancient times can be visited.


This archaeological site is located in Chiapas and contends with Chichen Itza for the number one destination of international tourism. Located inside a thick forest, Palenque reached its peak between the twelve and thirteen hundreds and was rediscovered in the nineteenth century. The site excavation is still underway. Currently, there are some impressive buildings that can already be appreciated such

Sito di Palenque
as the temple of the Inscriptions, an 8 story building where the tomb of king Pakal was discovered in the fifties, splendidly decorated with a precious jade mask. Nearby there is the Gran Palacio, an astronomic observatory composed by a 4 story tower, and other buildings such as those of the Grupo de la Cruz. There is another Juego de la Pelota at this site. Other destinations easily accessible from Palenque are Yaxchilan also inside the forest, and Bonampark, that features painted murals dedicated to ceremonies and sacrifices.
In the old city of Uxmal the buildings were built to celebrate astrological phenomena. We highlight the Pyramid of the Magician (40 m high) and the Nunnery Quadrangle, composed by about seventy rooms that surround the courtroom.
Tulum and Coba

Small by striking, the sites of Coba and Tulum are very frequented by tourists that arrive to Mexico from around the world. Tulum enjoys from a really spectacular location on top of a promontory. Coba, on the other hand, is located inside a forest where the city emerges only partially.

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